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Edward H. Smith
Business Consultant & Due Process Advocate

Business Location: Manchester, NH

Background Information

Ed is a 1970 graduate of Dartmouth College with a life-long career as an independent business and financing consultant. He is the founder and general manager of The Due Process Advocate.

Business Description

Ed’s current business objectives are three-fold:

1. Due Process Advocacy
The restoration of individual due process rights is now critical to all Americans; especially those who are thrust into the legal arena without sufficient financial resources to adequately protect their right. Therefore, Ed provides consulting and advocacy services, directly and indirectly, to a wide variety of individual and business clients facing a host of legal issues. Additionally, he began publishing The Due Process Advocate in 2015. Click FREE Subscription to The Due Process Advocate to subscribe.

2. Due Process Education
Due process education is, fundamentally, missing from a vast majority of secondary school curriculums in America. In response, Ed is coordinating the increased use and enrollments in “Due Process 101”; an online mini-course designed to assist individuals in developing and implementing the proactive skills that are necessary to protect their own due process rights in today’s cut-throat economy. Click HERE to enroll.

3. Due Process-Related Consulting
Typically, services are provided in these three basic areas:

Legal Research
There is hardly a personal or business problem whose cause, and resolution, doesn’t involve legal research that involves any or all of the following:
  • Case Law & Common Law
  • Statutory Law
  • Court Rules
  • Administrative & Regulatory Rules
  • Public Notices & Recordings
The ability to effectively put “pen to paper” is often the key missing link to successfully and efficiently resolving an area of concern. Below are the basic areas of writing in which, literally, I have assisted in the preparation of thousands of documents over the past 40 years:
  • Demand Letters
  • Reports
  • Complaints
  • Proposals
  • Summaries
Litigation Support
In a vast majority of cases, getting sued can be an unmercifully expensive experience. However, with the proper approach, you can dramatically reduce the costs of being thrust into the legal arena (with or without an attorney). These are the key areas in which I have assisted hundreds of clients in safely navigating their way through a wide variety of legal proceedings:
  • Pre-Legal Organization
  • Case Research
  • Case Summaries
  • Legal Referrals
  • Case Advocacy
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Contact Information

Edward H. Smith
Business Consultant & Due Process Advocate
Mailing Address
497 Hooksett Rd. #395
Manchester, NH 03104
(603) 867-1022
(603) 218-6624


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